Director: Simon Davies

Commissioned by Save The Children via Unfold Stories, Back To School is part of a new international campaign for the charity, aimed at minimising the damage done to children caught up in conflicts. Part soundscape, part battle-sequence, this was a fantastic challenge to write for, especially as I also had to create an authentic-sounding country and western number to appear to be coming from the radio.

"No child should go #BackToSchool in fear – but Emma has more reasons than most. This back-to-school season, many parents are packing bags, lunchboxes and sports gear, as they get their kids ready for school every morning. But for too many children, going back to school means surviving in a war zone. Watch now as Emma prepares for her first day back – haunted by the imagination of what war is like for children like her around the world. For kids caught in conflict, war leaves wounds we cannot see. But you can change this story."